The stud is located in the Merlerault region which is renowned for producing champion horses. It is made up of 180 hectares (360 acres) of undulating pastures and is traversed by a narrow river, La Dieuge.
The paddocks, which are an average size of 5 hectares (10 acres), are all stud fenced.

Good paddock rotation ensures adequate grass renewal. Paddocks are also grazed in rotation with cattle from May to October.

The stud consists of 150 boxes which are divided between 4 different units. Each unit has a house which is occupied by a member of staff allowing for constant surveillance of the horses.

RM offers a complete and professional service to its clientele :

· Between 60 and 70 permanent mares are boarded at the stud year round, including 25 of its own; Some extra temporary boarding mares come during the breeding season; There are 60 to 70 foalings on the stud every year.
The foalings are carried out by the Stud manager and the yard foreman, who are aided by the vet for any difficult foalings

· Sales preparation for the yearling sales is an important tradition at the stud, and RM has continued to be among the top 4 leading vendors at Arqana for many years.
The yearlings are handled regularly, and prepared for the sales by our experienced yearling team.
The preparation involves daily hand walking, for a gradually increasing period of time, in addition to the use of the horse walker and lunging.
The yearlings continue to enjoy daily paddock turnout up to their departure for the sales.

· RM also offers boarding for lay ups during the winter period, and their preparation for return to training.

· Mares and foals are also prepared for the sales at RM, for both domestic and overseas sales..

· Each year, The RM stallions cover approximately 400 mares..
The 2 stallion men Dominique Trema & Stéphane Fleury with the stud manager Tangi Saliou handle the coverings in the fully equipped covering shed (veterinary stocks for preparation of the mare, secure enclosed covering area).
While most mares walk-in to be bred, RM also boards mares until ovulation, or for the full breeding season.
The stallion division is separate and independent from the rest of the stud minimizing sanitary risks.